Harder Than I Thought

November 17, 2017

November is turning out to be a rather troubling month.

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Writing is a socially acceptable from of schizophrenia.

E. L. Doctorow


Download a plugin to repair the visual editor loading text as white, and not displaying any buttons in Internet Explorer 11 here.

Sourced here.

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A handy snippet that can be used in conjunction with Advanced Custom Fields as well as the WordPress default custom fields to remove Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types from feeds.

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Sourced here, this handy snippet can help you update your theme templates to show multiple organizers.

You can take this further, and modify the code to display it this information in a loop, or within a themed version of the template.

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If you have transitioning content on your website, such as a Templated Page that will be launching at a certain date or time, you can setup a custom countdown landing container, and use a custom field to automatically update the content at a scheduled date and time.

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jSON Instagram Slider


October 25, 2017

Create a custom Instagram slider for your site using jSON and the following instructions…

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On the category archive, or the single post page, use the following loop to retrieve the name, slug or ID of the top most category to use as a header, or link.

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I’m an African / Ojibwe First Nations Web Developer living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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